There are only two words to describe this house.


“Grecian” and “lavender.” The latter isn’t really accurately displayed in the photo. It was really something.

Another angle behind the cut.


6 thoughts on “There are only two words to describe this house.”

  1. What’s on either side of it. On my walk this morning, I found a much smaller Grecian-style house which came across as absolutely comical because of its context, with somewhat run-down 50s-era tract homes on either side of it.

  2. What’s that old joke/line from L.A. Story?

    And here’s a greek revival, and they have to revive the greek who lives in it every morning.

  3. You have a good eye norm, that is the house in Hollywoodland! I just watched the movie a couple of days ago and i didn’t recognise it. I still have the dvd, so i checked it.
    Good movie btw. I love old Hollywood!

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