Glastonbury The Film playing in LA

Glastonbury The Film , not to be confused with Glastonbury The Movie, is now playing at Nuart Theatre (11272 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA – Map) every day at 2:00 5:15 & 8:30. It’s a rockumentary covering the history of the Festival from when it started in 1970 all the way up to 2005. Plus it’s got some live performances by Oasis, Terry Reid, Primal Scream, Coldplay, Blur, Massive Attack, David Bowie, Bjork, Blur and a bunch of other bands. It’s supposed to be kinda killer so I’m gonna go check it out I think. Here’s the preview below chumps.

For the record… no one paid me to write about this film, I just loved the few times I got to attend the festival myself and I’m stoked on anything that has anything to do with Oasis. But… if someone wants to send me a free copy on this film on DVD I won’t refuse the gift. FREE SHIT YEAH DO IT!