Vanity Insanity
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While on the Westbound 105 this morning, the above SUV barreled on by me and upon glimpsing its enigmatic personalized license plate, I went right to work attempting to decipher the mystery, with my rapidly derailing train of thought going something like this: “Uh…. Low Zinc Lick? Nah. Losin’ Clock? Nah. Low Zen Cal…? Nah. Lousy North Carolina Luck? Nah. Loose Uncle Kay? Nah.

Only somewhere around between that point and the scramble to get this picture did I glance up and to the left and finally see the helpful solution stickered there on the rear window that reads: “Lewis and Clark… get it?”

Ohhhhh yeah! Lewis and Clark! Of course! Yeah, I get it… uh no actually. No, I don’t get it. Why the heck is that horrendous spelling of the famed adventurers’ names crammed onto your Ford’s license plate?

Then I got it: The SUV’s an Expedition!

10 thoughts on “Vanity Insanity”

  1. With all the good (IE full words, easy abbreviations)taken up eons ago folks have to be really clever. At least this one was clever.
    (Of course license plate frames are even more fun now that every street fair has a frame maker which helps keep the humor and wit flowing).

    I still want “QQQQ” but the DMV nazi’s won’t let me have it, but that is a whole ‘nother story.

  2. They musta been up all damn night laughing themselves silly over their cleverness.

    Then again, it’s better than MYFORD or (heart)RTRUCK

  3. Yes Will, say it fast a few times and you get the point. DMV Nazi’s didn’t buy the “It means 4 Queens as in the Las Vegas Casino”. Oddly Nevada DMV let my brother have the plate!

  4. I saw a truck with BUGROFF (bugger off) which surprised me, but I guess the DMV dorks don’t know Brit slang.

    There was a VW Rabbit with EP Dowd on the plate (The guy who thought he saw Harvey the white rabbit)

    and my personal fave:

    A Caddy Deville with CRUELA on the plate. Just beautiful :)


  5. I’m totally obsessed with custom plates and even have a little notebook in my car for recording my favorites. There’s a great list of banned NY plates over at the Smoking Gun. Some people get really clever and have plates that only make sense in the rear view mirror. And the A55 RGY plate from Florida is priceless.

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