Sweatin’ Bullets (2/23/07): Yep. Two days in a row.

Photo of and by Patrick Michael at iliveinla.com: “Me (Bored @ Cinespace)”

Tarantino to take over the New Beverly for two months? Elina Shatkin at LAist reveals the coolest movie rumor of the week.

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed ponders if a YouTube video showing new LA County Sherriff recruits being grilled by R. Lee Ermey wanna be drill instructors is real or not.

Fightin’ Mad Mary gets all “blogging.la” and posts pics of a truck that parked too close to her car, but goes the extra step by sending her man Q to have a little chat with the offending driver (and has pics of the encounter, too).

Amy Alkon rants about the whiners who take issue with Ikea now charging 5¬¢ for shopping bags, especially the DJs at 97.1 FM “who can’t use swear words on the air,” and instead “use girly approximations of them”, to which she responds, ” ‘F’ them!”

Mayor Sam has made some souvenir swag for anyone who wants to accompany Mayor V on his upcoming junket to DC (or pretend they went), and also brings details on how you can go on the trip for $850 + air/accomodations.

Holy Helter Skelter! Charles Manson and the Family have their own MySpace (its a place for friends). Today’s blog entry corrects notions that Manson is a murderer, that he was obsessed with the Beatles, and that he was the leader of a so called “Manson Family.”