No doubt this little slice of assault video will get the sort of scrutiny, debate and second-guessing usually reserved for LAPD uses of force. But you have to wonder – does this look like it warrants criminal charges filed against a former Carson mayor?

I’m not sure which is more laughable and pathetic – “victim” Jan Schaefer’s shriek and tumble to the floor, Mayor Jim Dear’s insistence that someone call a doctor because she was hit in the eye – or the fact that Dear is now having Vera Robles DeWitt prosecuted for battery, with a possible max penalty of six months in jail.

8 thoughts on “Smackdown!”

  1. Well, it was battery – if I tap you on the arm and you don’t want me to, it’s battery – but a jail sentence isn’t likely warranted, no.

    And the shriek and tumble is the most laughable part.

  2. I’ll bet if the alleged batterer had any idea she’d be strung up so high for her “crime” she would’ve made it worth her and the court’s while and clocked the so-called batteree, who’s guilty of perpetrating a victim.

  3. I’d read about this, but hadn’t watched the video until just now. Just embarassing to watch. My hope for the human race dwindles with each passing day.

  4. am i the only one who thinks people like this should be the ones who are thrown in jail? make an example out of the first few people, and it’ll severely curtail frivolous lawsuits. not to mention, the “scream” was really lame… you gotta SELL it.


  5. I can’t believe y’all fell for that, it’s a Monty Python sketch. You’ve heard of the “Dead Parrot” sketch? This is the “Eye Poking” sketch.

    Geeze, whats wrong with you people….. Duhhhhhh

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