SlowFood LA Has Happenings This Weekend

I just stumbled upon Slow Food LA, an organization devoted to making all food “Good, Clean and Fair”. They’re also devoted to preserving food heritage in America, which is an ideal I absolutely love. I think there’s a lot of traditional food in America that is becoming less and less common as the markets have shifted to franchised, non-regional chains, and it would be so tragic to lose that heritage.

But the website has some upcoming events, including a Roots of Change meeting series on Monday…

Roots of Change’s goal is “to achieve sustainable food and farming systems in California by the year 2030”. Why shouldn’t that be possible? Especially since, when we start really running low on fossil fuels, we will need the alternative and sustainable fertilizing methods to replace the current petroleum-based fertilizers used in most of America. Plus, I just finished reading “1491: A History Of The Americas Before Columbus”, and non-sustainable farming is suspected to have caused the collapse of some North and Central American cultures in the past. I’d rather not repeat that.

Anyways. If you’re a locavore/geotarian, check out the SlowFood LA site. Perhaps the Not a Cornfield was only the beginning?

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