Cuauhtemoc Celebration


I’m sure everyone has plans for Saturday morning (like sleeping in!) but in case you’re looking for a suggestion of something interesting to do, consider this:

Xipe Totec presents the 27th Cuauhtemoc ceremony, a yearly event with some food and vendors, but mostly lots and lots of Aztec Dancing. If you’ve never seen what that looks like, you owe it to yourself to check it out. There’s always a good mix of the different local Danzantes, some better than others, but all the bright costumes and feathers in one place is quite a sight.

On Saturday, Feb 24 2007 from 11am-4pm, at Parque de Mexico in Lincoln Heights
N. Main St. & Mission Rd.
(714) 491-7510 for more info.

3 thoughts on “Cuauhtemoc Celebration”

  1. And while you’re there, check out the statue of one of the greatest Mexican composers, Agustin Lara. “Solamente Una Vez…”
    and right across the street, everyone’s favorite revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata!

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