Crazy Good Wine for Under Ten Dollars

(Part of an ongoing series)
I’ve been on a mission to find good wines for under ten dollars, specifcally at Trader Joe’s since that’s where I shop the most. My most recent try was “Novella 03”. Truthfully, shallow as it sounds, I was once again attracted by the label (an ongoing problem in my life). The name ‘Novella’ reminded me of literary aspirations and the fetching female beckoned me with her grapes… and it only cost $7.99, so it definately fit with the program. I was pretty pleased when the guy at the counter told me that this wine was an underground secret at Trader Joe’s. It’s supposedly from Eos Vineyard in Paso Robles, which has pretty good reds, but because it was a blend, they couldn’t make it a vintage (03). So they relabled it specifically for Trader Joe’s to move it. That was the story anyway. It made me excited to try it, thinking I was getting a steal!
I served it last night when some friends dropped by and we all agreed, it was pretty nice. It tasted very berry like. I got a strong undertone of blueberry’s, which got much more subtler as the night went on. I always wonder about that…. am I just getting tipsy… or is the wine really tasting better and smoother?
Anyway, once again, a winner for under ten dollars! If you have any suggestions, I’m open. I’m getting ready to work my way through last week’s offerings and would love more!

6 thoughts on “Crazy Good Wine for Under Ten Dollars”

  1. Perhaps my uncultured self is missing out on ephiphanies of taste and bouquet and nose and notes and such, but when it comes to wine I’m good to go with a box of Franzia’s burgundy. Definitely under $10 and definitely good enough for my non-discerning palate.

  2. LOL…box wine!!! If you are looking to just relax and enjoy the wine, and keep a few bux in your pocket, and not trying to ‘impress’ anyone (who probably wouldn’t be imressed anyhow) – the ol’ box can’t really be beat.

    That said, I’ve never bought a box of wine. There’s always a first time!

  3. Check out the under 15$ table at Silverlake Wine. Some real gems.

    (They’ve got box wine too, if that’s your thing)

  4. Box Wine!? It never even entered my consideration! Maybe just because of that, I’ll have to break down my inhibitions and check it out! Box wine…..

  5. If you do Trader Joes, try the Quinta Hinojal 2003 Tempranillo from Spain. It’s imported by a Basque importer out of Boise (Lot’s of Basque sheepherders in Idaho). It’s $9 up here in Oregon.

  6. I’m a sucker for labels too. How about a 2003 Parducci Zinfandel? I got mine as a gift through ($12.99 there), but I know I’ve seen the Parducci label at Trader Joe’s, and the company that produces the brand (Mendocino Wine Company) says it’s about $9.99 each.

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