WTF is up on the 10?

Official Metblogs posse member Michael sends in this snip via his treo:


“Whats wrong with this picture? There are no lane markers on lanes three and four between Vermont and Overland on the ten. Basically it looks as though they grooved the free way and then added a reflector here and there. I’ve been back and forth every day this week and I still can’t get used to it. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in the rain, after dark.”

4 thoughts on “WTF is up on the 10?”

  1. You think that’s bad–the 405 in Irvine was like that right around the 55 overpass, where the road curves. There was construction a while back, and they shifted the lanes, except there were no lines painted, just the dots.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that there’s a plan to re-surface the 10 from downtown to the beach. Prior to doing that CalTrans is “Grinding” the surface. Except the bridges (probably for structural integrity reasons.)

    I’ve been watching the progress. Every day or so there’s a new series of strips that’s much smoother than it was. They were working on the eastbound side, but now the westbound’s getting a “grind.”

    Because the surface is so light, they have been painting black strips between the white strips so you can see the lanes better. There’s a delay between when they’ve “grinded” a section and when they go back and re-paint. Until then, it’s a bit like driving on a very very fast Manhattan street!

    Here’s their timetable: Lane Closures

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