T&A Seafood!

I…I don’t know quite what to say about this.
(clickable if you can’t see the T&A from here)

After the jump, an image from earlier in that drive–one for which I had quite a few choice words.

OhmyGODDDD!!!! There’s…there’s WATER! Falling from the SKY!!! Oh my God! It’s the end of the world!!! Wait–wait! I know! I know what to do! Let’s all drive within five feet of one another’s bumper! That’ll fix that sky-water for GOOD! Ha!”
(click to see how long the estimated wait in traffic would be from the Valley to Downtown)

4 thoughts on “T&A Seafood!”

  1. Damm I past by T & A Seafood every day and never thought about THAT. Now I will see it every day and laugh my ass off.

  2. I keep meaning to get a snap of some (possibly closed) doc’s office on Sunset/Cesar Chavez near Figueroa. The full name of the medical professional on the sign makes me snicker every time because I’m sophomoronically immature like that.

    It reads: Tit S Li, MD

  3. My offerings are AA Liquor at Vermont Avenue and First Street. And right across the street is a banner for Curves letting women know they are next door to a KFC.

    And, until about two weeks ago, there was What the Pho? on Western Avenue in a strip mall next to El Cholo.

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