Dear EcoFriendly Wanna Be Hollywood…

In an effort to capture some good, lazy PR, a score of Oscar attendees will be rolling up to the red carpet in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Global Green USA has lined up 30 cars to shuttle the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Davis Guggenheim (director of “An Inconvenient Truth”)… to the star-studded ceremony in Hollywood. (Mary Milliken, Reuters)

This will give some nice exposure for the affordable $10,000 ZAP Car to the $92,000 Tesla Roadster.

While I’m not going to question their desire to help the enviornment, I think there’s a more practical, effective, albeit radical way for them to make statement:

Take the bus to the Oscars.

Granted, the biggest drawback here would be that celebrities would arrive en masse, instead of being staggered with every limo and car that arrives individually. However, the true social benefits could be staggering:

  • Hollywood traffic is gridlocked on Sunday to allow for timely arrivals. If stars met off site, and were shuttled over via the MTA, road closures, congestion, and subsequent air pollution would be reduced dramatically.
  • The site of celebrities in gowns and tuxes stepping off of a bus would bust a bubble in the stigma that LA public transit is for the lower class.
  • For the Hollywood elite, what better way to be an example that ANYONE can be socially responsible? That $92,000 car smacks of elitist toy, not a symbol of being genuinely eco-friendly. Riding the bus, however, gives instant street cred.

The benefits for the MTA barely need be mentioned, and they’d be well served even if they had to pay for the privilege. The product placement alone would be priceless.

…photo by So Cal Metro

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  1. It would be a great idea, especially if AMPAS does not demand that the subway skips Hollywood/Highland station and reroutes buses out of the area.

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