Nutmeg State tourists complain Hollywood too messy before Oscars

I spent my formative years in the town of Old Lyme, CT, population 7,000, pretty much only known for two things:

1) A woman known as the Nut Lady, who owned the Nut Museum and was a frequent guest on Johnny Carson*, and

2) Lyme disease, as it was “discovered” there.

Unfortunately, the town recently made national news last year when resident Howard McFarland Fish was arrested for trying to carry some souviner dynamite back from a trip to Argentina.

And friends wonder why I insist that I’m really from Toledo, OH, known best for the drag queen played by Jamie Farr on M*A*S*H named Klinger (he also played The Sheikh in the Cannonball Run movies, making him alright in my eyes, but I digress).

What am I getting at here? Oh, yeah… Old Lyme… hometown… to Hollywood…

Reading the LA Times online tonite I saw a piece on the chaos caused by the Oscars at Hollywood & Highland, and how it’s been disrupting and confusing for the Romeo family from Old Lyme, CT, who’ve been doing the tourist thing here.

“It’s kind of taking away from our visit,” Alex Romeo said. “We’re just trying to get our bearings here.”

His wife, Patrice, surveyed the back side of bleachers placed atop the terrazzo sidewalk’s bronze stars.

“It doesn’t look all that glamorous,” she said. “I think they’ve covered up the two stars we’re looking for, Anthony Quinn and Sophia Loren.”

The couple wanted to show those stars to their children, Sophie, 8; Lauren, 10; Anthony, 12; and Quinn, 6.

Well, maybe they’re just being cute, and didn’t actually name their kids intentionally so they could do this… but its suspect. The only other Romeo I remember from Old Lyme went to school with my older brother and sister – she went by the name Pez Romeo. After the candy.

*On a sad side note, I just learned that Elizabeth Tashjian, the Nut Lady, passed away at the end of January.

5 thoughts on “Nutmeg State tourists complain Hollywood too messy before Oscars”

  1. David im also from a small town in CT Portland, and for these people to say that the Oscar hoopla takes away from the visit is just plain stupid like the fake names of their kids. They should be happy to see all of this, its all part of the LA expierce.

  2. Hey Paul – I grew up in Middletown, just across the river from you!

    And some perverse side of me loves the thought that the world’s tourists think the Walk of Fame, souvenir shops and the damn Chinese are what Hollywood is all about. Good thing not enough of ’em know about Musso’s.

  3. Yeah, I think it would be cool to see the guts of the Oscars. Besides, it isn’t covering the Chinese Theatre.

    Even so, they should complain to whoever sold them the travel package for not mentioning some stuff would be closed off for the week to save them any disappointment.

  4. CT connection #3: my wife’s family is from Essex (Ivoryton) — and I was amused as well that they thought Hollywood was, er, ahem Hollywood when they were here for our wedding 11 years ago. They haven’t been back since ;-)

  5. ot but has anyone been back to hartford, norwalk, or new haven and seen the silly little 1 block of hip martini bars that all sprang up? Word on the street is the CT kids think the east side is safe these days. oh yeh… Guilford.

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