Walking in Windsor Square


According to the LA Times weather page, we were two degrees away from the record high on Saturday (it was 87, record was 89 in 1890). I took Sam for a walk into the Windsor Square area of Hancock Park (just south of Larchmont) and snapped a few photos. While we were out we enjoyed a bag of fruit from a cart by the bank. Yum. Thanks again, Shane.

More photos behind the cut.




4 thoughts on “Walking in Windsor Square”

  1. A couple of friends of mine used to live in the third floor corner apartment there for many years. It was a very nice building … very nice neighbors.

  2. How expensive is this fruit from a cart? I’m always tempted to live off the stuff, but I’m so intimidated by my east-coast “asking-the-cost-of-stuff-is-rude” curse.

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