OMFG Free Pannies!

pancakes.jpgAs if the upcoming Grilled Cheese Invitational (for which I’m making a special treat, which will be featured in an upcoming post) weren’t enough, tomorrow is one of the holiest days of the year.

Shrove Tuesday, you ask? NO, idiot! It’s PANCAKE DAY.

IHOP has pounced on this with all the ferocity of any declining national chain that specializes in carbs, and will be serving free short stacks all day (7am-10pm). You can make a donation to the Childrens’ Miracle Network when you do so. Or you can just eat and waddle off without paying anything. Jerk.

Last year I drove up to an IHOP in the hills above Glendale for a fine, fine feast of free pannies. They were, however, what you’d expect free pancakes to be: sorta mediocre. The best pancakes I’ve had recently were actually kamut pancakes from Vegan Star Restaurant on Virgil, but I think they closed. I’m also partial to Eat Well’s pannies, and the buckwheat flapjacks at Brent’s Deli in the frighteningly flat heart of the West Valley. My friend tells me Square One‘s pannies with bourbon-pecan topping and vanilla whipped cream are the bomb, although to me it sounds a bit like gilding the lily. Anyone else got any recommendations?

I’m currently blogging this to the dulcet strains of The National, which has been on an endless loop in my brain for some time now.

10 thoughts on “OMFG Free Pannies!”

  1. The Johnny Cakes (served with Ham) at Dish in La Canada are great. Unfortunately, they stop serving breakfast WAY too early for this late sleeper.

    It would be a much better world if restaurants served breakfast all day.

  2. Fred 62 on Vermont has THE BEST pannies I’ve ever had. Well, a year ago when I ate there last they were the best. mmmmmm, I think I need to head back and see if they still make great pancakes

  3. LeRoy’s in Monrovia does a stack that causes no shame. The Monrovian here does a nice stack too. Of course when on the old road trip back east Denny’s is always safe.

  4. Ya know, Frazgo, I gotta agree with you on Denny’s. Years & years of market research makes a bitchen’ pancake. Also, I love Denny’s coffee. I’d take one of their bottomless cawfee cups any morning over a Starbucks. Although lately I’ve been alerted to the sublime yum that is Dunkin’ Donuts-brand coffee…

  5. Denny’s coffee got Ruth666 and I through many a study session in college – besides tasting good its pure speed.

  6. Whoa Frazgo, I thought I was the only one here who knew about LeRoy’s. They also serve a pretty decent slab of meatloaf and mashed on Wednesdays.

  7. I just had some of the cakes this weekend at the Brite Spot on Sunset in Echo Park… they were purty good. The coffee, not so much.

    I’m partial to the Pantry’s pancakes and would also recommend the flannel cakes at Musso & Frank’s.

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