Los Angeles with less than a quarter of the population

Could you imagine living in a city with the same sized footprint as Los Angeles, but with less than a quarter of the people to fill it? Some folks are predicting that might be the future of Dublin, are they aren’t too psyched about the idea. They are speculating that given the ratge of Urban Sprawl and growth that is only about 20 years from being a reality, which of course brings with it a handful of problems. We think it’s hard to manage here? Try pulling off the same things with considerably less people to help make them happen. Metroblogging Dublin is asking some interesting questions:

But to compare Dublin to a city like LA takes on a whole new level of thought for the city–how many people actually do live here? How does having such a large population in a relatively tight space (as compared, for example, with Los Angeles’ urban sprawl) affect the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants? Over the last few months here at the Dub Metblog we’ve talked about the challenges of the bus service, the overpriced but desparately needed tram/train to the airport, the rising costs and difficult acquisition of apartments and living spaces. This just confirms, in statistics and numbers, what we’ve all been feeling: Dublin is kind of like living in a pressure cooker.

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  1. Get rid of all of the fucking high rise apartments and condos. That is just killing the traffic and population density. Look at the Marina Del Rey area.

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