A followup to the Fred Brito Post

Yesterday, I wrote a post revealing infamous Los Angeles’ conman Fred Brito’s new alias and that he’s now moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Just now, I received this comment on the post:

David Markland, you sure have balls. You know me, and I know you, but you are as phony as they come. To think that you are chasing after this brito guy is so like you, yet in your personal life you are a liar and a thief. I stayed over your house a few years back after you got me drunk and tried to have sex with me. You are the crook if anyone ever was. Plus you stole my watch and then had the nerve to deny it.  I might have been drunk, but you are a sick bastard. Taking avantage of drunk people for your own sexual pleasure is a lot worse than this brito. People should be watching YOU. YOU are the freak. You have balls that is all I can say. Big F***** balls. You stupid bastard.

The commenter signed this, “NAME WITHHELD, Glendale, CA”. However, his IP address is, which, if you do a check, comes from Las Cruces, NM.

11 thoughts on “A followup to the Fred Brito Post”

  1. David,

    Don’t you just love people that leave anonymous messages.

    Two weeks ago the vice-president (department left out) at the Los Angeles Times came to me with a flyer, he printed out, from Man-Haters. Seems a jilted lover of mine left a message regarding dear old me online with picture attached, calling me a man-whore, liar, and a cheat.

    My co-workers and I had a great laugh over this, and many said this was an honor.

    I’m just wondering why my Tribune Boss was searching for my name online?

  2. If you didn’t already know about David, now you do. It is all true. Except with me, he stole my under ware. All I remember was that I was drunk and he was bobbing my knob. Yea, David I remember you now. Your a total Freak Dude.

    PS: Can I have my under ware back? Please?

  3. OMG!!1 The same thing happened to me, but instead it was my comb that David stole. David, you dick! My hair has been a mess ever since, give me my comb back!!

  4. It only gets better. The guy who posted as Guy Richies above is also threatening me on the original post as L&M Publishing using an Anonymizer! Whoops! Guess that was a waste of $30.

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