What You Say!!

Who-boy! The topics that came up this week sure got some people riled up. Names were called virtual doors were slammed. Well, not really but let’s just say some folks don’t agree…

Update on last week’s homeless dumping – There is no question that a van connected with this hospital dumped this guy downtown and left him for dead. Now the hospital is refusing to turn over his files to the city attorney and some folks are asking “so what, he’s homeless and couldn’t pay his bill, what else should they have done with him?”

Pirating The Oscars – Did you miss seeing one of the Oscar nominees this year? Don’t worry, they are all just a click away. Arrr! This of course gets people asking about the difference between shoplifting and downloading. Some folks think they are exactly the same, others not so much.

So anyways… back to beer.. – Travis covers this important topic, and solicits much expert opinion.

Coachella: Sold Out, Or Just Pretending? – Jillian is surprised that Coachella sold out all ready, others are surprised anyone would spend money on something like that.

Joe Rogan Calls Out Carlos Mencia, Gets Banned From Comedy Store – It’s about time someone stepped up and busted Carlos Mencia for being a joke thief. Video of the whole thing included, and the comments are full of people noting he got what he deserved.