Impromptu get-together, and you missed it!

If you’d been at Papa Cristo’s in the Byzantine Quarter on Saturday afternoon, you might have run into new Si-Fi resident Jillian and her paramour. I was there with my family and we immediately recognized them in line ahead of us. I committed a minor faux pas by pulling her hair to get her attention (she has very pretty hair and I have no impulse control!) but she was gracious enough to invite us to join them. She even smiled at Sam’s repeated attempts to steal her lunch (lack of impulse control runs in the family) and shared her bread and dolmas.

By the way, I tried the homemade wine — my husband and I split a half carafe. Next time we’re getting the full carafe. My only complaint (if it can be called a complaint) is that I prefer Greek wine chilled.

One thought on “Impromptu get-together, and you missed it!”

  1. We were delighted to see you as well. And don’t forget, I was so busy preparing to give my paramour hell for tugging my hair that I took a few seconds to realize who HAD done it.

    Sam is also adorable, and welcome to swipe my hand-held foodstuffs anytime.

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