the kings are dead, long live the kings

As a life-long Kings fan (purple and gold, baby! Triple Crown Line FTW!) I’m used to my boys sitting at or near last place. But it absolutely guts me that most of this season they have been sitting at or near last place . . . behind the goddamn Mighty Ducks. In fact, in tonights game against the goddamn Mighty Ducks, the Kings are reduced to being a “spoiler,” because even in the NHL where more teams make the playoffs than actually start the regular season, the Kings suck so hard they don’t have a chance at the post season this year.

But you know what really grinds my gears? DirecTV is carrying the game on an HD sports channel, but it’s blacked out, forcing me to watch it on Fox Sports West in crappy old not-HD. I understand blackout rules, but shouldn’t HD be exempt? Fox Sports West claims that it’s presented in HD, but I know HD when I see it; I’ve watched lots of HD. HD is a friend of mine, and you, Fox Sports West on DirecTV, are no HD broadcast.

4 thoughts on “the kings are dead, long live the kings”

  1. I must admit, while I’m an L.A.-guy to the core (and Kings fan,) the one thing I’ve even liked a little bit about living here in San Jose has been the Sharks.

    Well, I don’t know if it’s actually the Sharks I like, or my uncle’s season seats five rows behind the visitor bench where the cocktail waitress knows my name and makes a point of getting my beer to me within one minute of the puck dropping in every period.

    Okay, it turns out I don’t like anything about San Jose. I just like beer.

  2. I went to the game Saturday night. Before I left the house, I noticed the game was being broadcast on HDNet (channel 79). I also noticed that the game was being played on channels 95 and 96. One of these may have been the same HDNet feed, and the other may have been the FSW HD feed. My guess is that 96 was the FSW HD feed, and that it was only available to MPEG-4 DirecTV HD boxes. If you have the old Hughes/DirecTV HR10-250 box, I don’t think the FSW HD broadcast was available.

    Since I had no idea which station, if any, would be blacked out, I didn’t record any of them, so I can’t absolutely verify this, but that’s my best guess.

    Too bad you couldn’t go to the game at Staples Center. It was a very good game, even though the Kings lost in the shootout (which inexplicably I stand up for even though I dislike the idea of the shootout).

    I’m glad we were able to return the favor, though, on Sunday.


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