More Coffee In Downtown

392151104_7fca2d82c3_m.jpgEarlier this week I talked about how much I liked Lost Souls Cafe and how, it being right across the street from my new offices was pretty much a dream come true. In the comments I admitted that I still tend to lean in favor of Groundwork Coffee if only because they tend to offer more vegan friendly food options to accompany their delicious coffee. Well, almost as if to answer my call, Eric Richardson (who took the photo to the right) announced to day that a Groundwork Coffee just opened at 2nd and Main, a mere 2 blocks north of where I’m sitting right this minute. He also points to a post noting that another option will be opening on the same block as Lost Souls. Wow, the more the better!

3 thoughts on “More Coffee In Downtown”

  1. Don’t get too excited. I went to the new Groundwork on Saturday and they’re not serving real food, just sweet stuff.

  2. When we produced the newspaper from Times Mirror Square, 2nd and Main was an area we would never visit on foot alone, eighteen years ago. Downtown Los Angeles has certainly gone through a transformation, and will continue to change for the better as time goes by.

    Thanks for pointing this out Sean, I may take a Saturday and revisit the area.

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