This Concept Of ‘Wuv’ Confuses And Infuriates Us!

Did you forget to get your girlfriend a Valentine’s Day present? Because if you did, and she likes teddy bears, I highly suggest driving down 3rd – or 6th – or any of the streets between Western and downtown where there are street vendors. I saw a few on my way to work, on 3rd at Normandie, all selling gift baskets featuring illegally copied Disney stuffed animals. I totally bet the vendors on Venice Boulevard – the ones by Sepulveda/Sawtelle – have them too. Much more romantic than the usual bag of oranges.

However, luckily for my boyfriend, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Hallmark is not going to dictate when I feel romantic, dammit. So he was let off the hook. But seeing Markland post this morning kind of made me wish I’d told the boyfriend to give the cost of flowers to a food bank, instead. I think that’s actually a really nice idea. And I do expect him to take me over to the Black Heart Masque tonight, because I can’t let actually having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day happen without doing something.

Anyways, the point is: if you do have a lady in your life who would be quieted by a knockoff Winnie the Pooh gift basket, go a little out of your way tonight and support the local street vendor economy. If you have the sort of girlfriend who will NOT be placated by a neon-yellow stuffed animal, then I suggest the Jewelry District. But I strongly encourage everyone to buy as local as possible. Show some love for everyone while you’re at it.

2 thoughts on “This Concept Of ‘Wuv’ Confuses And Infuriates Us!”

  1. Can I also suggest supporting local florists, instead of buying a bunch of flowers from Trader Joes or Ralphs?
    And by local florist, I don’t mean the chains… I mean that little shop down the street from you…

  2. i totally support the idea of supporting the local economy but wouldn’t supporting your local illegal street vendor not really be supporting the local companies that these products are ripping from

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