Stay out of the store!

As it turns out, although my gal at the Rodeo Drive Vuitton store was promised those shoes in my size, what they ended up getting was the next size up. They were unbelievable, but they were simply too big.

I know how that will disappoint some of you, but before you think I’ll be going barefoot tonight, check out what can happen if you go into the store instead of doing all this over the phone:


I hadn’t even seen these, and now they are mine!

I may still get the silver ones too, if they can find them, but these cost so much more that even I may blush.

5 thoughts on “Stay out of the store!”

  1. I wondered yesterday, and with the update, I wonder again, isn’t this more appropriate for a fashion, shoe or personal blog?

  2. Yes, I agree that these posts seem more appropriate for a personal/shoe/fashion blog. You sound like a materialistic idiot….but I guess that’s part of L.A.

  3. This is so totally LA and representative of a city that runs on the basis of “you can rent any life style you want”. Given LA Metro has among one of the highest concentrations of millionaires on the the planet it has relevance to a large chunck of the population around here. I mean, you don’t think people come here for the news do you?

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