Somebody needs to give me $575

[click all you like but you’d better be sitting down]

Looks like I need $575, and pronto.

Today’s mail brought this new catalog from Loius Vuitton shoes. I damn near peed my pants when I saw these. Yes, they are a chrome finished silver patent leather, with high-polished silver metal heels.

Sweet Mother of JEBUS I need these shoes or I will surely expire.

So come on, it’s Valentine’s Day – who’s with me?

The Best Man In The World just informed me that these would make a lovely Valentine’s gift, should I be able to secure them.

Naturally I agreed and what can I say – the Rodeo Drive store is trying to get a pair in my size right now. I should know by noon!

And don’t worry about me at an airport – these are far from the first shoes I own that can double as weapons.

8 thoughts on “Somebody needs to give me $575”

  1. HOT DAMN my favorite shoe ho has found nirvana. way to go! Should we start a ‘save the shoe foundation’ to rescue it and make sure it makes it to your loving feet where it will have a good home?

  2. It’s an automatic if you wore those to any airport you’d be taking them off before passing through any detection system, but you may be forced into surrendering them because of their potential use as a weapon!

  3. WTF does this have to do with L.A. except for the fact that you’re purchasing those atrocious shoes on Rodeo? This is the most obnoxious posts I’ve ever read on this blog.

  4. I hope you try those shoes on before you buy them because with all that metallic finish and stainless steel heel those things look like they hurt a ton to walk in.

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