8 thoughts on “Monkey Feng Shui”

  1. The wife and I dig it… not as big as the SD zoo, but they have plenty to see. We were members, but we let our membership lapse.

  2. It’s a decent medium-sized zoo, not really a top-tier zoo like Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago or the San Diego Zoo, but more substantial than Chicago’s Lincoln Park (although with an admission fee). Note that there are two other zoos in the greater L.A. area, Santa Ana and Orange County (yes, two OC zoos!)

    It does make for a nice day.

  3. My bet is the feng shui consultant was mandated by the Chinese Gov’t and any reccomendations will be implemented.

    You might remember back when Jim Hahn was mayor he made a trip to China with the half-baked hope of procuring pandas for L.A. China is veeeeeery careful just who gets pandas (and the zoos that do have to pay a literal fortune for the privilege) and Jimmy apparently didn’t cut the mustard. So China gave him the consolation prize of golden monkeys instead.

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