Shepard Fairey’s DJ’ing at my birthday party!

Like, OHHHhhmiGOD!!! You guys are sooooooo nice! I’m…I’m totally stoked. Like, seriously!

You see, it’s my Second Annual 29th Birthday on the 15th of this month, and LOOK–Shepard Fairey’s DJ’ing a big ole’ birthday party at La Cita! Isn’t that, like, soooo sweet of him?! It must have been that piece I did on him in our inaugural issue of the LA Alternative. Or maybe that street tour I did with him for Variety. (Sorry man, I know we spent at least four hours driving around with the nice photographer, and then they cut the whole tour down to, like, 300 words. I’m sorry. I wasn’t the editor on that one.) But really, the WHY isn’t the issue here. It’s the HOW, WHEN, and WHERE.

So, like, everyone come to my birthday party, ok? Ok!

(I guess it’s some other people‘s birthdays that night, too, but I don’t remember who they are, and really, like, who cares, right? Like, fer sure!)

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