Found At Lost

Lost Souls Cafe in Downtown LA

I know Lost Souls has been mentioned here before, quite frequently actually, but my new offices are basically across the street so I’ve become a more than regular customer in the last week or so and I just wanted to profess my love for their beans. If you haven’t been there you, you are definitely missing out on one of the hidden gems of downtown. To get there, head east on forth street, when you cross Spring start looking for an alley on the south side of the street. Lost Souls is the speakeasy looking door at the end of the alley. If you hit Main street, you’ve gone too far. Definitely some of the best coffee in town, and I guess they have food too but I’ve yet to check that out.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kenarch in the comments for noting that they have a website which can be found here. I don’t think I can say they are my favorite in the city since they don’t quite cater to vegans the way Groundwork does but they are certainly a great option to have footsteps away from my desk.

5 thoughts on “Found At Lost”

  1. Hey Sean…

    Thanks for plugging Lost Souls – it is my favorite coffeehouse Downtown, and probably in LA as a whole (slightly edging out my other favorite, Aroma Coffee & Tea in Tujunga Village – which isn’t so much fun any longer now that they have been taken over by “industry types”). Lost Souls has a real cool website as well:

    Maybe I’ll run into you there.

    Hopefully your new office isn’t right next door to the buildings that burned down last week. That corner will be a mess for a while!


  2. Good stuff, plus cool events.

    Yeah, they do lots of good stuff at night as well. Plus an overall positive vibe that’s missing from a lot of other spots. I just wish it were as easy to park there as it is to park at Groundworks.

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