Coachella: Sold Out, Or Just Pretending?

coachella_fake.jpg One of my co-workers announced today that Coachella was already sold out. This is a bit of a freak occurrence – usually the festival doesn’t sell out until almost the week before the show (and even then, that was for Radiohead). Now, while I admit that there are some very good bands this year, is it really enough of a draw to sell out the festival for all three days? I’m sure that a RATM reunion is going to kick some major ass, but do Rage draw the crowd they used to in the good ol’ 90s?

So the question is, why is Coachella sold out? The going hypotheses:

a) Overpurchase by scalpers of 3 day passes, which is why the weekend passes sold out
b) Not all the tickets have been released yet. If asked to guess, I’d go with probably half to one third of the total tickets being held back. That way, when the rest ARE released, the festival WILL sell out quickly, guaranteeing Goldenvoice their quota.
c) Maybe the festival is just that mainstream now?

Guesses from the peanut gallery?

13 thoughts on “Coachella: Sold Out, Or Just Pretending?”

  1. 1) Yes, it’s that mainstream. When wasn’t it?
    2) RATM probably has a bigger following now than they ever have. There is a lot of GenY kids that love them that have never had the chance to see them – they grew up listening to them and right when they got old enough to start going to shows – they broke up. So you got the older RATM fans AND the younger ones now that are desperate to see them.

  2. d) because there are a lot of dumb dumbs who like to stand around in the hot desert with a bunch of other dumb dumbs listening to crappy bands play their crappy songs while a bunch of other crappy bands stand around back stage counting the piles of cash they just made off the aforementioned dumb dumbs.

  3. Garth Brooks at Coachella?
    Meat effin’ loaf? Phil Collins???!!!!
    Bryan Adams?

    Matchbox 20??? I will NEVER waste a dime on that empty shell of a corporate band again after they gave us a grand total of 45 minutes at the Anaheim Pond a few years ago.

    Naaah, that can’t be a real poster.

    What a complete joke!

    Well, there’s always the Weenie Roast I suppose.

  4. For the record — it isn’t completely sold out, there are still tickets for Friday. But 3-day passes, Saturday, and Sunday tickets all seem to be gone.

    But you can still get your Bjork on.

  5. But I don’t want to just get my Bjork on…CRIES. I wanted to be one of those dumb dumbs that got their all three days of rocking out on. :(

  6. I would just like to say that the girl who wrote all of the “dumb dumb” stuff is retarded. Who talks like that? And furthermore, the line-up kicks ass! MORON!

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