Bootlegs of legendary LA rock shows on DVD

petty.jpgII found this killer site called “Alt List #2 Bitch!” that is selling high quality music DVD bootlegs and they’ve got some legendary Los Angeles rock shows on their list…. Check out the site here , ignore the fake legal mumbo-jumbo they’ve got on there to cover their asses and email [email protected] for more info.
Check out these shows:
White Stripes – Spaceland La,Ca 3-1-01
The Germs – Whiskey La,Ca 1978
The Jesus Lizard – Aaron’s record’s La,Ca 5-19-96
The Rolling Stones – Inglewood,Ca 1975
Tom Petty – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Santa Monica,Ca 1978
U2 – Los Amgeles,Ca 11-18-87 with U2 as openers
Black Sabbath – Santa Monica,Ca 1975 DKRC (Pro)
Nirvana – Rhino Records La,Ca 6-23-89
Guns N Roses – Music Machine La,Ca 1986
Guns n’ Roses – Roxy la,Ca 1-18-86 2 dvd
Guns n’ Roses – Trobador La,Ca 7-11-86
Pearl Jam – Forum La,Ca 7-9-06 2 dvd
Racontuers – Wiltern Theatre La,Ca 6-7-06
Metallica – Anaheim,Ca 11-9-96,Agents of misfortune(ww/cliff) 1982
Neko Case – Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles,Ca 6-23-06
Slayer – Costa Mesa,Ca 1983
Social Distortion – Losangeles,Ca 1987
Soundgarden – La,Ca 2-11-88
U2 – Memorial Coliseum La,Ca 11-18-87
Wesley Willis – Rhino Records 10-22-95,Kroq La,Ca 10-20-95
Hole – Club Lingerie La,Ca 10-90
Hole – Night Moves La,Ca 11-90
Eagles Of Death Metal – Virgin Megastore Hollywood,Ca 4-14-06
Kyuss – Palm Springs,Ca 12-31-92
Failure – Whiskey La,Ca 5-28-96
Low – Border’s,Ca + Troubador La,Ca 4-11-96
Frank Zappa – KCET Studios La,Ca 8-27-74 (Pro)

3 thoughts on “Bootlegs of legendary LA rock shows on DVD”

  1. Uh, if that person is actually selling/profiting from the sale/trade of those shows ( all the cryptic mumbo-jumbo on the site aside ), then what they are doing is incredibly ILLEGAL and further puts the work of real ambient recordists in total danger/disregard.

  2. Wow… someone get this smart guy a fuckin medal. First off, are you a cop or what boner? Second, it’s not illegal if they’re from Europe… plus… none of that shit is available away.. it’s not hurting anyone. It’s creating more interest in music and live shows. Deal with it. It’s not going away.

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