Aspiring Chefs Take Note: The Top Kitchen


Have you ever wondered what, exactly, is going on in those fancypants kitchens across the plaza from the Arclight? If you haven’t already Googled it, it’s a cooking school called The Kitchen Academy, and my friend Peleg just earned his spot on my “Bastards of Whom I’m Jealous” list by enrolling there to become an honest-to-goodness trained chef while running his own design studio. Not only that, he’s actually created a blog called The Top Kitchen to document the whole saga:

At about 9:30am we were invited to the 4th term class to taste their Asian buffet. Pad Thai, spring rolls, and a lot of different meat dishes were served. I couldn’t help but remember the horrifying image I saw yesterday when these two students from the 4th term class were rolling two dead pigs on a rolling cart! Today they served them for lunch! People were basically eating them right there off the table. It was so disgusting to me! I don’t know if I can ever eat bacon again after seeing those pigs, they’re so cute! They look like little pets.

He’s got lots of delicious looking photos as well (like the one I swiped at the top). I don’t think I ever want to work as a chef, but one of these days I may have to bite his style and at least do the training.

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