Another Marathon First: Free Pakring — No, Really: Pakring

Oh, I just can’t resist this. Given my past rant about how the L.A. Marathon has absolutely postively said fuck you to supporting those of us idiot “duathletes” who do both the bike tour and the marathon, and given the stuff I hadn’t even bothered you with like the fact that it took 26 — count ’em: 26– days for the good tortoises at marathon headquarters to respond to an email I sent, or how it took four different phone calls over the course of a week to get them to finally acquiesce and resend me a damn confirmation of my participation in the bike tour because I never received the first one… this latest decidedly insignificant but no less shining example of typo-ineptification that I found attached to the following fluffy little email in my inbox this evening pretty much sums it all up:

As your reward for having registered early we have reserved a parking area for your convenience. Your parking pass entitles you to worry-free parking on race morning in one of the close-in lots. Please print your parking pass and bring it with you on Sunday, March 4. The attendants at the parking facilities will not have a list of authorized early-bird parkers, so if you fail to bring your pass, you will not be allowed to park.

On behalf of all of us here at the City of Los Angeles Marathon, we hope you have the race of your life!

Los Angeles Marathon XXII


P.S. And yes, I understand that by posting the graphic you can print it and use it. Duh, I’m not a retrad, you know. Sell them on eBay for all I crae.

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