8 thoughts on “What next, spandex pants and cowboy boots?”

  1. Oh, this is a sad, sad thing.

    On the other hand, the thought of some unsuspecting mom buying her brat a pair of shoes with “Circle Jerks” emblazoned on the side does balance out my despair a bit. I wonder if the line includes a “Dirty Sanchez” model.

  2. I don’t get it? Are you making a rant on the decline of punk? Or the subject matter of a “circle jerk”?

  3. When I was a kid we’d write that shit on our shoes ourselves with a sharpie. We didn’t need the company to do it for us. Man, are kids lazy these days!
    I guess if they can make cholo style Nikes, Circle Jerk Vans can’t be too suprising. Recuperation in full force.

  4. The kids are not lazy, they still write on their shoes and back packs and jeans and skin (I speak as a mom of a fist grader). The companies putting this stuff- t-shirts for little kids with old punk bands, old rock bands, and saying such as “my mommy rocks” “My daddy rocks”, are not doing it for the kids, but for the aging parents who want to think of themselves as still hip and cool, parents who treat their kids as fashion accessories not people.

  5. I’ve seen these shoes too. I sighed remembering my first Circle Jerks tape that was almost falling apart which a friend let me. My first punk tape. Now this.

  6. It seems like given enough time, all things that you value will eventually become part of the boring, meaningless world you so wish they had escaped.

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