So anyways… back to beer..

stella.jpgSo I’ve somewhat been on a quest lately to find “cool” bars in Hollywood that serve pitchers of beer and preferably have good rock n’ roll music in their jukebox or at least playing. Hey man, it’s a lot harder than you’d think it would be… if anyone knows of any bars that fit the description above… fess up now.

I first posted here that I was pretty sure Barney’s Beanery was the only place that had that shit going on. I shoulda quit there while I was ahead but people started commenting and telling me about other places to check out so I figured I’d give some of the suggestions a whirl… like Birds (which in case you missed that verdict… it was”NO GOOD”).

Then this week, against my better judgment I went to check out St. Nick’s Irish pub on 3rd street because someone emailed me that they had pitchers and a killer jukebox. First off, there’s zero point zero pitchers at this shitbox bar, no waitresses, the tables look like Ron Jeremy just glazed em with his load and it takes longer to get a beer than it does to get through the line at the DMV. And in what world is that a good jukebox? Maybe on planet suck dude, Alanis Morissette was on there.This place needs to have a firebomb dropped on it immediately to rid world of a large and aggressive college cockroaches community that thrive there. I didn’t go to college for a reason.

I’m pretty much giving up my search for pitchers of beer and sticking with Barneys. Oh and by the way… the jukebox at Barney’s is getting better… they’ve recently added Stones – Let It Bleed, Dylan’s – Blonde On Blonde, Metallica, Radiohead, Alice Cooper and a few others…. And I talked to the new manager and he promises The Stooges, Oasis and The Black Crowes to be added very soon. Now if we could only get em to kill the karaoke nights.

Mmmmm… beer. Countdown to brewdown.

13 thoughts on “So anyways… back to beer..”

  1. Whoa, the “large and aggressive college cockroaches community” is even more present at Barneys…

  2. “Even more”? yer high dude… they’ve got booth at barneys and it’s not as crowded… plus the waitresses are mint. Barneys wins.

  3. Glad you will be at Barneys with the rest. I’ll be enjoying at least 10 other pitcher bars that enjoy some semblance of class and have great classic and hard to find music that you probably have never heard of and I don’t want you to.

  4. my point was that they’re one in the same. Who plays Metallica in a bar anyways? Oh, aggresive college cockroaches

  5. Who plays Metallica in a bar? Are you serious? If it’s rock n’ roll I’ll drink to it. I’d rather drink to “Blackened” ANYDAY than anything by Alanis… but hey man, everyone’s different. Have fun swallowing that jagged little pill fruitcake.

  6. the jukebox at Barney’s is getting better… they’ve recently added Stones – Let It Bleed, Dylan’s – Blonde On Blonde, Metallica, Radiohead, Alice Cooper and a few others….

    You mean that they were taken off!!! (I’m showing my age, this stuff used to be there when the jukebox ran vinyl)

    Nikki Corvette used to work there, I don’t know if she still does… ask her!

  7. Try Frank and Hank’s if you venture beyond Hollywood. Definitely had Metallica in the jukebox last time I was there. Though I think it was the b-sides/covers album. One of the albums Zakk Wylde referred to as the “Vagina Monologues.”

    No pitchers, but beers are pretty cheap. Good place to prime before a show at the wiltern.

  8. the colorado bar in pasadena has a great jukebox, cheap pitchers, and you can smoke inside if that is your pleasure.

    one of the best dive bars i’ve found in this hole of a city

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