Show Off Some Technology On Your Time

electricgiraffe.jpgI seem to associate with the sort of people for whom the Make Blog is mandatory reading. In fact, I bought a year’s worth of the magazine for my cousin for Chrismukkah, and continue to hope that my scientist boyfriend doesn’t spontaneously realize that there is a magazine out there devoted to doing random cool stuff with science at home.

However, now Make is going even MORE live-action with the MakerFaire. This is a call to bring in your DIY projects to the Faire. More information is on the Call for Makers page. And then you can come out and audition at Machine Project this Sunday (the 18th). The original post on BoingBoing just asks that you keep your demo to 10min or less.

I’d say this was kind of like science fair for grownups, except the Make projects seem to focus on being useful, or recycling old components in a useful way, instead of just showing science for science’s sake. Maybe it’s more like science fair with a purpose. I may have to go down & hang out just to see what kind of insanely creative stuff is presented.