What You Say!!

I was lacking in the electricity department this morning or I would posted this sooner – I know you’ve been sitting around obsessively hitting ‘refresh’ waiting for the post and for that I apologize. Lots of talk this week, as always, but if you can believe it not one of the most active comment threads of last week was about Anna Nicole Smith – shocking I know. Here’s the hot discussions of the week:

  • Rude Film Production Crew in Downtown LA – eecue posts a story that is all too common about some filming happening around his residence and people involved treating him like he’s in their way. Comments full of where to complain, and who to complain about.
  • Tagger Goes to Jail – tammara posts about a local tagger who plead guilty and accepted 8 years in the lock up rather than face up to 30 if his case had gone to court. The discussion is about if jail is really the best punishment, especially 8 years, for someone who did nothing more than spray paint their name around. Perhaps some kind of community service might have been far more effective, chance are when he gets out in 8 years he’s going to be a lot more dangerous than he is today.
  • Breast Cancer Research Gone Wild – Ruth666 asks about a new breast cancer awareness billboard in West Hollywood. Nice headlights.
  • Best Car Wash and Detailing near Silver Lake? – I asked, people answered.
  • The Coffee House Quandry: Claiming a Table – David Markland brings up the topic of when it’s best to lay claim on a table at a java joint. When you walk in, or after you’ve received your coffee. It’s no surprise their are some opinions on this one.