Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for marriage licenses in Los Angeles

It shouldn’t be too surprising that many couples get married on Valentine’s Day. But did you know that the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) will be taking extra efforts to accommodate the hundreds of couples who want to get married on Valentine’s Day? (see news release) Licenses will be issued and ceremonies performed at seven offices of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk throughout the County. Multiple wedding areas will be set up in East Los Angeles and Norwalk to minimize the wait.

I also learned that Volunteer Deputy Marriage Commissioners (I wonder what qualifies you to do this?) will perform the ceremonies RR/CC locations. The bottom of the news release talks about the “Marriage Ceremony Volunteer Program” where the RR/CC is recruiting Volunteer Deputy Marriage Commissioners, especially those who speak Spanish. Evidently this program began in 1997.

From the release:

This very successful, award winning volunteer program provides citizens from all walks of life the opportunity to volunteer in public service whilesaving taxpayers money. RR/CC staff, which performed marriage ceremonies before the volunteer program was in place, is now able to complete more specialized tasks.

So it sounds like pretty much anyone can do this and if you want to volunteer, you can find out more info from the RR/CC (contact info on the release). If anyone decides to do this, can you share with us what’s involved?