Sweatin’ Bullets (2/11/07): Breakin’

'Strike A Pose' by ManFromNor LA Frog opines on the state of Venice’s boardwalk scene as the city has enforced permitting artisans, regulating artists, and encouraging gentrification. “Sure it’s getting cleaner, but the very spirit that made Venice famous is disappearing. Fast.”

Fightin’ Mad Mary finds a local film crew to be “super polite”, but doesn’t know what to make of “My Name Is Earl” choosing her neighborhood to represent the show’s white trash atmosphere.

LA City Nerd asks City Council Prez Eric Garcetti WTF’s up with the promised Council Gazette? Of course, the Nerd is more measured, encouraging Garcetti to keep up with the Council’s newszine that would keep the residents informed of happenings at city hall and their neighborhoods.

Ed at View from a Loft witnesses a bicyclist get plowed bumped by a Caddy after fumbling to attach his bike to an MTA bus’ grill.

Are you a Jewish man in Redondo Beach living with his separated wife who talks “to their penis from time to time” and has a mom “who mispronounces blog as ‘blodge?'” If yes, Neil at Citizen of the Month is arranging a get together.

Jason Calacanis has picked out a sweet three wheeled scooter for his trips around the Westside… Shane Nickerson adds “Montezuma’s Revenge” to his gringo vocabulary… George Lucas said “Empire” was the worst of the Star Wars, according to David Poland.

…Photo by ManFrom Nor