10pm Sunset + La Brea

Last night as I was on my way to a friend’s birthday party, I pulled up to a stoplight, right next to a car full of teenage boys. They were blasting some classic rock and roll (classic like Def Leopard), had their windows down and were generally having good teenage fun. Suddenly, one of the guys jumped out of the back of the car and ran to the sidewalk billboard, ripped off a poster and jumped back in the car. I was impressed, he ripped the poster off clean! (If you’ve ever tried to rip off a billboard poster, you know this is not usually the case.) The guys were laughing and the music was still rocking. A few notes sounded familiar to me, so I turned off my radio to catch the song. Instead of Def Leopard, it was Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing (which has a special place in my heart) blasting there on the corner of Sunset, in a car of teenage boys in 2007. (Those boys probably weren’t alive in the 80s!)

For a moment I wished I could change places with them. But the light turned green, I shifted gears and sped away to the freeway, while they turned onto Sunset – for a night, they are probably still talking about or will as soon as they get up.

5 thoughts on “10pm Sunset + La Brea”

  1. excellent slice of life. i like b.la because it has a good balance between posts like this, news posts, and sean bonner trying to sell us guns — i mean opinion pieces. ;)

  2. It’s spelled Leppard…

    I have to admit, I’m a child of the 80’s, and Journey is a guilty pleasure of mine. Steve Smith also happens to be one of the best drummers in the world, no joke, although you wouldn’t know it from his work with Journey (although “Don’t Stop Believin'” has a really cool drum part). I think they’re all very talented musicians who happened to produce dated, commercial, arena rock music (which was probably primarily Steve Perry’s doing).

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