What’s Worse Than Picking Up A Girl On MySpace?

…Picking up a girl on MySpace, taking her to The Saddle Ranch Steakhouse on Sunset only to have Ron Jeremy show up, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, who swipes the girl right away from your table and takes her to the alley around the corner and gets all kinds of freaky with her. Sound too bad top be true? Nope, it’s real. And it’s equally the saddest and funniest story I’ve read all week. Boston and the ATHF Terrorists toped last week. WOW Report has the full scoop:

“For the next 30, 60, 90 minutes, poor MySpace guy sat there, alone, nursing his mojito and wondering what happened to his date. And his cajones. Just as we figured he was going to give up on her for good, she suddenly returned – looking like she’d taken Ron up on that drink he promised, plus a few dozen more drinks and an exceptionally sweaty round of back-alley sex. An hour and a half before, she’d been all put together, and now here she was trying to comb her hair with her hands, gobs of Ron Jeremy’s semen hanging out of her hair like Silly String, and big black smudge marks where her mascara had been. She looked like a racoon with a face full of whipped cream. Trooper that he was, the MySpace guy tried to put that little interlude behind them and forge ahead with the date, but when Ron Jeremy re-appeared on the patio and started loudly telling a large group of friends that he’d just had the best sex ever behind the dumpster, it was just too much to bear.”

4 thoughts on “What’s Worse Than Picking Up A Girl On MySpace?”

  1. Oh my GOD. You’re so right – sad and funny.

    I met Ron Jeremy a few years ago. He was a little sweaty and he felt me up, but really he was much less gross than I’d anticipated. He gave me his number. I wish I still had it.

  2. If I had a nickel for every time I picked up some chick on MySpace and took her on a date to a cheesy meat market only to have her ex-boyfriend the porn star fuck her in the alley outside, I’d be a bajillionaire.

  3. Hmmm. It’s LA… doesn’t EVERY online dating or myspace girl have at least ONE porn star ex bf??? Well… there’s always craigslist… LOL!

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