Grilled Cheese for the People

grilledcheese.gifLet’s hope this washes the bitter taste of Matty’s Jan. 30 arrest from the mouths of Mutaytor fans everywhere:

The Mutaytor and the Ministry of Unknown Science are foisting the 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Competition on an unsuspecting public somewhere downtown Saturday night Feb. 24.

If you’re heart-attack serious about the holy synthesis of bread, butter and lactate extract of hooved mammal, you might want to enter your sammiches, peruse these hints on winning and consider the rules, which forbid flamethrowers, clown vomit and couch-f*cking …

The Grilled Cheese Invitational‚Ñ¢ an official competition with prizes awarded for each category. Awards given according to audience vote. No wagering. While anyone is welcome to sign up and compete, only the few, the proud, the winners will be able to raise their cheese and butter speckled fists to the angry sky above and scream: “I am a Fucking Grilled Cheese Champion‚Ñ¢!”

And if you’re just in for the snax and the show (there will be “exhibition grilling stations” available to anyone whose preparations include “a performance aspect to your grilling” then get there by 7 and pick something from the bar that goes well with sammiches, because the “cheese flows at 8:00.”

Watch the site for location details, I guess. Nothing visible there just yet.

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