disco fever!

bld_la_test.jpgDoes your baby love disco?

Baby Loves Disco is coming to LA. Tomorrow (and on three other dates this spring) the Knitting Factory will be host to an afternoon party for parents and kids featuring a DJ, bright lights, healthy snacks, and DANCING. They also provide a “chill-out” space and changing tables.

February 10
March 10
April 14
May 12

1:00-4:00. $12 per person, non-walkers free.

I’m hoping to check it out with Sam next month. I will report back, of course.

2 thoughts on “ disco fever!”

  1. That is a little too much lol! Next thing they will be serving virgin cocktails in bottles for the kids.

  2. Obviously, this is more for the parents than the kids. But its a great idea that sounds like a bit more fun than a day at Gymboree or another typical playdate. Besides, when the kids grow older they can claim that their parents are the coolest for taking them to a Hollywood club when they were still in diapers.

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