Things get rowdy at Carson’s City Council

Picture%2026.pngIs this supposed altercation at Carson’s City Council a hoax?

Daniel Hernandez points to an NBC4 clip of a city council meeting in Carson. After making a public comment, you see a woman walk away from a podium and lightly smack another woman on the back of the head. The “victim” reached for her eye, lets out a shriek, then carefully lays herself down on the floor screaming “my eye!”. Finally, we hear the mayor ask for an ambulance as the clip ends.

Hernandez opines:

You can almost see the thought bubble on top of her head in that second when she decides to let out a dramatic gasp and “collapse” to the floor as if it were choreography for some kind of safety demonstration… “Law. Suit.”

Video here.

2 thoughts on “Things get rowdy at Carson’s City Council”

  1. David – I spend a lot of time in public hearings, in LA and (mostly) in other cities. I have seen plenty of these sorts of things. Many people don’t realizethat pretty much all proceedings are videotaped these days, mostly because of the State of CA “Brown Act” open meeting laws and archiving requirements. I had a funny thing happen in a small city in LA County a few years ago – a person in te public audience who makes it his business to get into everyone else’s business found himself on the (badly) losing end of an argument that I brought aganst him publicly. After I finished my comments I was returning to my seat and he stood up to block my path and confront me. I just said “I have nothing to say to you” and stepped aside. He actually lunged at me, missed me by at least two feet, tripped, fell and got up with blood streaming out of his nose, screaming “I’m gonna sue”… of course nothing ever came of it and he quieted down for a while (but not long enough).
    Some things never change.

    I have a little rule of thumb – in a public hearing, the only physical contact I will make with anyone not my family member or my client is a simple handshake. Keeps me out of trouble in a lot of ways!

  2. I’m sitting here wondering if I should be saying “And the nominees are for best supporting actress in a comedy/drama are………..”
    What a ‘tard.

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