Light Bulbs, Shooting Someone In The Face: Both Illegal


If you watched The Colbert Report the other night, you heard that one of our local Assemblymen, Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys), is introducing a bill to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs in California by the year 2012 because they are much less efficient than fluorescent light bulbs. He’s titled it the “How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb Act.” Don’t believe me? Perhaps a better title would be the “Let’s Light Everyone’s Face So They Look Green and Pukey Act” or, perhaps more accurately, the “I Need Press And I Don’t Care What Kind Even If It’s Just Late Night TV Bits At My Expense Act.” I’m actually neutral on this bill. I don’t really care about light bulbs. Plus, when DWP picked up my broken refrigerator the other day they gave me six free fluorescent bulbs (a $40 value), so I’m prepared for the transition. I’m just concerned that this will mean Light Bulbs Unlimited, a store I’ve never entered but enjoy driving by at 40mph, will either go out of business or be forced to resort to selling illicit bulbs. Does Light Bulbs Unlimited deserve that? They do not.

9 thoughts on “Light Bulbs, Shooting Someone In The Face: Both Illegal”

  1. Incandescent, fluorescent, LED…either way, at least the bill gives us hope that there will be a 2012.

  2. LED would be nice if they can make it full spectrum lighting. The compact fluorescent bulbs suck, take too long to warm up and burn out way too fast. At 2-3 times the cost of a regular bulb I hoped they would last at least as long if not longer. I finally gave up with the spot light variety and put in the old standby tungsten filament bulbs. Until the longevity is fixed I’ll bring my bootleg bulbs in from Vegas when I visit my folks.

  3. … but the black market (no pun intended) in bootleg light bulbs will be HOT! I can see it now – gang wars over light bulb turf in gated upscale communities where each house has oh, something like 200 fixtures… Yeah, but who’s gonna volunteer to hide an illegal light bulb in their ass to smuggle it across the border? Not THIS fool!!!


  4. Every time I’ve used a compact fluorescent light, it’s messed something up. Either it blows fuses, causes noise, or just looks bad. I too am waiting until full-spectrum LEDs are available. Then I’ll make the change.

  5. But what about light bulbs on a dimmer switch? I have not heard anything about how the compact fluorescent bulbs cannot be used on a dimmer switch.

    Am I going to have to consort with criminals to get tungsten bulbs so I can dim the lights?

    More importantly, will this impact my love life?

  6. I hate flourescent lighting. Contrary to all the claims that manufacturers have the spectrum correct, they most assuredly do not. The idea that we can replace all incandescent bulbs with flourescent is ludicrous. Also, compact flourescent bulbs require significantly more energy to manufacture, so the energy “savings” is a chimera. Finally, flourescent bulbs are loaded with mercury vapor and there is no practical means of recyling them intact. Hence, their widespread usage poses a serious envronmental hazard. So much for being green. The answer is to use longer lasting incandescent bulbs and to learn to live with much less light.

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