Fast food robberies


A Jack-in-the-Box and McDonalds were held up in South LA and Downey, respectively, today. According to the LA Times the robbers who held up the Jack-in-the-Box in South LA were connected to the armed robbery of a McDonald’s on Firestone Boulevard in Downey. Fortunately, no one was injured and we were all given one more good reason to stay away from fast food. Besides, everyone knows you only go to Jack-in-the-Box late at night when you’ve imbibed and/or smoked a little too much. It might even be safer that way.

2 thoughts on “Fast food robberies”

  1. Fast food places, 7-11 and all night places like Denny’s can be scary after about midnight.

    I learned a long time ago to never get fast food in the middle of the night… why? Most FF places depend on volume to keep product moving. The food’s scary enough as it is, andafter I got serious food poisoning several years ago (put me in the hospital) at the Jack in the bag on the corner of Imperial Hwy and Brea Blvd in Brea I haven’t been back – or to any FF place late at night.

    In this city there’s no good excuse to resort to FF. Just theother night, around 1 am, I was hungry – drove out on Washington Blvd, saw the McD’s at Olive… and said “why am I doing this when there are so many other far better, no more expensive choices…? – I went to Koraku on 2nd & San Pedro and had a wonderful, healthy, quick meal for around 6 bucks. (They are open until 3, and no, this is not a paid advertisement – LOL).

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