Anna Nicole Smith is dead

Shortly after collapsing at Hollywood, FL hotel, Anna Nicole Smith was rushed to an emergency room where she was declared dead on arrival.

This comes six months after her son died of an o.d. at the hospital where Smith had just given birth.

more updates at CNN.

UPDATES: Local blog coverage as of 3pm…

David Poland at The Hot Blog: “Let’s do the right thing and NEVER talk about her again. (At least until the inevitable goddamned movie is released.)”

Tony Pierce at LAist: “The bright spot is that we will no longer have to hear from Howard K. Stern — who was now around two mysterious deaths in less than six months.”

Tabloid Baby: “Who Killed Anna Nicole? That’s the question they’ll be asking. We might as well ask it first.”

Alex at Martini Republic
: “When did a dead stripper with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse become the news story of the century?”

6 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Smith is dead”

  1. This story is getting more press than if we just won the damn war. HuffPost, Salon, CNN, everywhere.

    Christ, why do people care so much?

  2. she became ( bad ) news when she started screwin 90 year old tycoons .

    p.s. the flash advert for ” the number 23 ” is beyond annoying and so 2001 that you’ve made me update my hosts file .

  3. Huh?

    Anna Nicole whOOOOO?

    Sad story that is bound to be repeated as long as we continue to deify these fragile, coddled, terribly self important and self absorbed people. The scary thing is that so damn may people really DO care about this sort of stuff. They’ll do their very best to Marilyn-ise her (obviously there’s no comparison). IT’S MEDIA BLITZ TIME!!!!

    Now for some real news… Didya hear about those jumping frogs up in Calaveras County…

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