The Beach is Totally Shitty

keepout_sewage_med.gifIf you were planning a fun day at the beach anytime in the next few days you probably want to start looking for new plans right away. Either that or just hang out in your swimming gear next to your toilet bowl since that’s about the same experience you’ll get right now with the ocean. Yes, once again, it’s raw sewage in the water season. At least at chunks of Will Rogers Beach, Venice Beach and Dockweiler Beach anyway. And if that isn’t gross enough for you, check out this quote from Public Health Director Jonathan Fielding:

“Visitors to the beach areas should avoid contact with the ocean water near the point of discharge until these portions have been deemed safe to reopen”

He said discharge. *shudder*

2 thoughts on “The Beach is Totally Shitty”

  1. you said “chunks”

    am i worried about chunks of Will Rogers Beach, Venice Beach and Dockweiler Beach or chunks ON Will Rogers Beach, Venice Beach and Dockweiler Beach?

  2. Yeah, chunks are bad regardless whether they are of or on the beach – especially if they are connected in any way to the Hyperion outfall.

    Every time we get rain it happens. We haven’t had any rain to speak of yet this year, and it’s happening.

    It’s real bad… and getting worse all the time. Hundreds of billions have been spent to prosecute a war on the other side of the world that ostensibly keeps “them” from bringing the war here. We could have solved so many of these kinds of real life problems with that money.

    Wake our politicians up, people!

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