Sweatin’ Bullets (2/7/08): That’s why they call it “the shield”

Picture%2020.pngLAPD Officer Andy Taylor was shot by a handcuffed suspect last month, and was saved when the bullet hit his badge (pictured at right)… via the Ex-Liberal In Hollywood.

Citizen of the Month DENIES having attended a Kevin Federline concert in Long Beach, contrary to eyewitness reports.

Daniel Hernandez details a fatal car vs. pedestrian accident at a crosswalk between the Trader Joes and Gelson’s in Silverlake. A petition is now up for traffic signal at the location.

MetroRider LA gives us a sneak peak of a tool that will send “real time estimated ‘next bus/train arriving’ info to your cell phone or Blackberry.

David Poland at The Hot Blog post his video interview with Jackie Earle Haley, Oscar nominee for his role as the creepy sex predator in “Little Children” and previously known as one of the original “Bad News Bears”. They discuss other child actors progress to reality TV.

LAist’s Zach discusses “driving grid” (city nerd speak for checking out your neighborhood’s needs on a block by block basis) and posting the results into a Google mashup.

Ladies, Los Anjealous is accepting applications for a Valentines’ date with one of their staff photographer’s  who “may or may not pick you up in a Ford Escort.” Deadline is 5pm today!