Offshore Report (February 7th)

dolphinicon.gifDon’t forget that Saturday is the deadline to sign up for the President’s Day Blogging Dot LA Whale Watching Tour. Only 8 bucks!

dolphinicon.gifYou don’t have to go out on the water to see great whale action: Gray Whales have been reported at the surf line in Redondo Beach regularly this year (at least 18 sightings so far). The most spectacular has to be the Thursday report of two smaller Gray Whales barrel rolling, bubble blasting and possibly even surfing in the white water of the waves. It was clearly visible from the Esplande. Saturday morning saw reports of a cow/calf pair tucked up close to the Redondo Beach Pier (the harbor patrol was warning area boats to be especially careful as they were at the breakwater for quite a while).

dolphinicon.gifFog has rolled in making the whale watching from Pt. Vicente especially vexing as 17 whales were spotted on a rather clear Monday and yesterday they saw only one. (They did catch sight of some bottlenose dolphins that came close enough to the cliff to sight through the murk.)

dolphinicon.gifSightings of northbound whales have picked up with 17 so far for the season. Mid-February usually marks “turnaround time” when whales are going both north and south depending on their personal schedules. So if you’re out looking for whales, be aware that they can now be coming from both directions (but southbound is still far and away the more likely at the moment).

dolphinicon.gifI’m going out on Sunday from San Pedro’s Ports ‘o Call on Spirt Cruises at 11:30 AM. All aboard!

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