Metro Is Cutting Routes (Thanks, Arnie!)

metro_rapid.jpgI wrote a couple weeks ago about the cuts to Metro due to the state proposition funds going to freeways. And now the first of the changes are up on the Metro site. Good news: there may be a Rapid bus soon on Santa Monica Boulevard. Bad news…well, it’s going to depend on who’s affected. The complete list is here, along with a list of where the hearings are for the public to submit their input.

I’ve actually started taking the bus more since moving to SiFi. There is one nonstop bus that gets me to work, and it’s way more efficient than the bus changes I had to take to get to Beverly Hills from Venice Beach. So now, I walk two blocks up to Beverly Blvd., catch the 14, and hop off across the street from work. It only takes fifteen minutes longer than driving would, and I don’t get home all twitchy from having to fight traffic. Plus, instead of spending ninety minutes a day commuting to the office in my car, unable to do anything BUT drive, I can catch up on reading (like the magazines I subscribe to and forget to read) or my TIVO’d programs (I transfer them to my video-playing MP3 player). It’s really gaining time to read & watch TV, instead of losing an extra half hour a day getting to work. I highly recommend trying it where possible – provided that you don’t live on a route that’s being cut.

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  1. If you don’t go to any other public meetings this year, go to the Metro meeting in your area to protest the cuts. They expect to make these cuts without any public input; showing up at the meetings and speaking will prove them wrong. Dates and places are in the link in the post above. The South Bay meeting (among other things, the 60 is being eviscerated) is tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

  2. I just started doing the same thing! I take either the Dash to work or the Rapid. Bus service has greatly improved – the wait time is never more than 10 min. or so. I live about 7 or so blocks from my job Downtown but it takes 20 minutes to get home by car. Since I can get so much done on the bus or subway I always find ways to take public transit to other places like TheGrove, Pasadena, Hollywood (Arclight + Gym=Great Combo).

  3. FYI, all of the routes that were proposed to be cut have a ridership that, when added together, is less than 25% of the ridership on the Wilshire Rapid Line 720 alone

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