LA – Just a place when I am driving around the city under a gorgeous sky, on palm tree lined streets, moist breeze blowing in my windows I am in awe that I live in LA. Los Angeles – the magical place, a place of possibilities.

But today, my mood shifted. Something had changed. And as I drove across town, seeing old neighborhoods, watching people cross the street, waiting for construction traffic to clear up, I felt LA as a place, like any other place. Just another city, not defined by any Angelino definition. A place where people live and work and create their lives. The magical possibilities I usually see here, seemed no different from any other city.

I know this is not necessarily the case. And I know when I go drive the city again I will be awed again. I will think “WOW!” this is LA. And see the magic again. In the dusk-soaked sky. Smell the possibilities on the wind.

But for now, it’s interesting, feeling LA as a city, like any other and not the magical Never Never Land that it mostly is.

* photo by Dopamine Junkie

7 thoughts on “LA – Just a place”

  1. On days it’s so smoggy you can’t see the hills from downtown there’s certainly something not-so-special going on.

  2. i think it’s time for another trip to the east coast to experience the cold harsh winters and then L.A. will be L.A.! again

    every time I step out my door and the weather is awesome I think to myself, this is why i’m here!

  3. It’s a city every time I’m caught in traffic. It’s a city every time I’m waiting on a line twenty deep for coffee. It’s L.A. when a celebrity almost kills you pulling off the road to ask you directions. It’s L.A. when you’re jogging around Silver Lake Reservoir in a t-shirt and shorts…in January. It’s L.A. when you see your neighborhood on TV, only the show insists it’s Italy. It’s only through the banal that we can see the magic.

  4. I am enamored with LA after all these years. Hardly a day goes by where something happens to remind me how magical this place is, sometimes I just forget to pay attention. The latter is easy to do as we slog our way through the routine crap we have to deal with. Love this city, only way I am leaving is feet first, or on a big wave when the big one finally hits.

  5. Growing up hating this city for all it’s obvious shortcomings, I’ve come to make my peace with this place, not necessarily to love it unconditionally. Many of my friends grew up and moved to S.F. chasing an illusion just as big as the one LA has to offer: that the grass is greener elsewhere. LA really is “just a place”, what matters is what you make of it.

  6. Magical for me, rich or poor (and I’ve been both)– especially in Oct.-Nov. — I like to drive (motorcyle is the best) west all the way down Melrose @ 5 PM during a Santa Ana as the sun sets — nirvana! LA’s physical beauty can be overwhelming if you stay aware –and, after all these years, almost everyone I encounter is friendly and kind. Funny how people can have such different experiences of this place — maybe LA is like a mirror. Anyway, big LA Love here!

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