It’s a Beautiful Day In The Blog-LA-Sphere

pwnd.jpgA 12 year old forum troll once said “Winning an argument on the internet is like winning first place in the Special Olympics, sure you take home the trophy but you’re still a retard” and today, in LA blog land, truer words have never been spoken. Yesterday Walter Moore (who I’ve previously blogged about here and here) made a post on Mayor Sam about crime in LA and how it relates to illegal immigrants. [Don’t bother clicking that link btw, the post has been deleted – more on that in a moment] Unfortunately his math was all off, and he misread the source of info he was citing. Our own David Markland caught the mistake and posted a comment there noting the error. Rather than excepting the mistake, Moore defended his numbers and got into a little back and forth with Markland about them. At that point Markland posted about it here in hopes to draw more attention to the situation. You can see from his post, which is still live, that he directed people over to Mayor Sam and asked aloud if this was an honest mistake.

When there was no more room to argue Moore corrected his post, noting that someone in the comments had pointed out an error. Then, for some reason, deleted the whole damn thing. Shortly there after he put up a new version of the post with a note thanking the “mayor sam reader who helped with an earlier draft of this essay.” Obviously Markland hadn’t “helped with a draft” so much as “pointed out an error” but since the post was deleted there was no record of the earlier back and forth. So Markland made another post pointing out this, as well as their involvement with PayPerPost as examples of major problems with the sites credibility, and taking credit for fact checking the earlier error.

This is where is gets fun. Rather than responding to the issues brought up reasonably, they start calling people names and make a post titled “David Markland is Idiot”, and then quickly retitled it “David Markland is an Idiot” (the URL still shows the earlier error which is so ironic it hurts). What reasons do they give for Markland being an idiot? Well they start off saying he’s just picking a fight to boost the traffic here on, and note that they are refusing to link to us to prevent the flood of readers they might send us. Yeah, right. Although they do credit him for noting the error with the previous post (Moore’s post was also updated to correctly credit Markland). They also defend their participation in PayPerPost. Of course they can say whatever they want, everyone knows it’s a complete scam to the effect that Google is devaluing blogs that participate. Mayor Sam, tell yourself whatever you need to in order to let yourself sleep well at night, the rest of us know it’s bullshit. They end it calling Markland a “nitwit” and patting themselves on the back again for not ever linking to us. The general douchbaggery spills into the coomments actually get even better, you have to go read them yourself. Over at LA Voice Mack notes the situation and generates some amusing comments there as well.

Of course the punchline to this whole thing comes from the secret-nameless-I-don’t-have-the-stones-to-take-credit-for-my-own-words blogger called “scribes” over on Martini Republic who writes:

When there’s a mistake on a blog posting, which there are daily, it’s typically sufficient to point it out in comments, or even privately in email. Blog posts are fixable.

Generally, even among the most embittered types, among LA bloggers, when someone sees a mistake elsewhere, they try in earnest to get it corrected before they start browbeating, chestthumping, and turning to the blogosphere’s f-word, fisk.

I love the assumption that none of that happened. If the original post on Mayor Sam hadn’t been deleted then everyone could see that comments were made, and earnest effort was made to correct the error before big guns were pulled out. But that’s kind of the point of deleting the post in the first place isn’t it? Covering up what really happened and trying to rewrite history. Well, at least one sucker bought the revised story hook line and sinker. And while Mayor Sam refuses to link to us, we’re pretty certain that it’s more to prevent their readers from getting the full story. Of course I’m pretty positive that 100% of Mayor Sam readers also read so it’s really not an issue and says more about them than it does about us.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day In The Blog-LA-Sphere”

  1. Blogging. It is so special that even grandmas blog! Get over yourself! You are no journalist. The fad is passing when people wake up and find out that ANYONE can blog.

    Always picking a fight to promote your blog network.

  2. For the record, Walter did end up rewording his attribution to me, which I appreciate. While pretty big, and notable, his was a mistake that he didn’t intend to make.

    As for Mayor Sam claiming that I have an agenda and suggesting I’m in bed with a politico, it only goes to the root of the problem of his lack of credibility. He can use the search bar here to type in “Mayor Sam” and will see I reference his site more than any other writer here, and usually when I’m attacking city hall.

    The fact that he didn’t link back to my original argument is the most stunning evidence of their lack of credibility, as he’s devoted an entire post to me, calling me an idiot and all, but doesn’t link back over here… presumably because he respects his readers and thinks they should take their word as gold.

  3. David I can’t believe I am responding to you but my refusal to link to you was my hesitation to even be drawn into your silly little flamebait.

    My original plan was to ignore your screed. However you made some very serious charges against our blog that needed to be responded to.

    My desire was not to give you the satisfaction of a link while at least making some effort at refuting your article.

    However I find it very telling that you have a significant need to be recognized and be linked to. Kevin Roderick isn’t even that bad.

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